My Year of Smiles – Week Eight

What makes you smile? This is what did it for me this week:


:) I have a busy (and mega smile-inducing) week coming up, and I am getting a cold! So today, I did the sensible thing and took the day off work. Whilst in bed, drinking copious amounts of water, I booked my tickets to fly to NEW YORK in April. Smiley smiley smiley.  :)


:) Having had ALL the sleep, I am feeling far far better today. Hurray! There’s a reason to smile alone. However, I had even more reasons to smile today, as I taught my lovely High Spirits choir, and watched the lovely Louis Louis Louis do their thing in Sheffield.  :)


:) Back at school today, and very happy about it too. I’m lucky to work in such a lovely institution. School was followed by a mega-productive meeting of The Honeybirds, and then a late-night text from John: “I can’t believe you’ve reduced me to practising clarinet at half 11 at night”. This made me giggle muchly. :)


:)  It’s RECORDING DAY! So many smiles, so much laughter, and so many things to say thank you for, I can’t fit it all in! :)


:) One of my very bestest friends, Mitt, got married today. I got to see not only him and his lovely wife, but Polly and Chloe too – who brought me birthday presents. What a beautiful beautiful day, full of so many deserved smiles.  :)


:) After the wonderful reception last night, Chloe and I returned to Mitt’s parent’s house today to pick up my car. We were invited in for tea and chats, and I got to meet Molly’s Mum properly too. It was lovely, and noticing how similar Mitt is to his dad and Molly is to her mum made me smile lots. :)


:) In 3 weeks, Jules and I will be hosting the next Teapots and Twirls event. I am SO excited. Today, we sold out the Workshop before the Tea Dance. I’m very happy. I also had a lovely visit from John today, on the eve of his 28th birthday. We have known each other such a long time!  :)

For all the people and things to make me smile this week, I say a huge THANK YOU!



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