Thank-vent: Day 1


Like Advent, but with Thank-yous.


Back in 2011, I did my year of Gratitude and it was pretty well received. I thought it might be nice to resurrect that for this December, with the help from my chocolate advent calendar (thanks Mum!)


Today, I got to travel to Scarborough for a lovely Jazz gig. There are many things to be grateful about that; not least that I got a lift and didn’t have to drive! Also, to the lovely audience for coming out to listen, the venue for supporting Live Jazz, and to the Mike Gordon trio who sounded marvellous. But the biggest thank you goes to the hugely talented and lovely Stu Macdonald for firstly asking me to do the gig with him, but also for pushing me in a gently and friendly way to stretch myself and leave my jazzy comfort zone; it definitely paid off, and I needed it!

Thank you!


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