Thank-vent: Day 3


Like Advent, but with Thank-yous.



3 years ago today, I stepped into my first Lindy Hop class. I took my friend Chloe with me, and I was terrified (and a little tipsy; dutch courage). I am so incredibly grateful for that day – I fell in love with dancing and (after a forced 6-week break due to it being the last class before Christmas) started learning how to enjoy swing music on an extra level; both in listening and performing.

The teacher of said class was one Mr Jo Casey, who I credit with making that experience enjoyable for me. I could have quite easily freaked out and never returned, but he made me feel so welcome that I went back every week that I could for many months. (I talk about it here). Even in more recent times, he has proved himself to be an invaluable friend, always matter-of-factly stating what I need to hear, whilst simultaneously providing a sympathetic ear.

So thank you Jo, and thank you Lindy Hop; who knows what I would be doing now if I hadn’t met either one of you!


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