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This is the website for vocalist Tessa Smith.

Hello!  And thank you for visiting.

If you are new to my site – welcome!  You may be here for a number of different reasons, so let me help you..

I’m in a number of musical projects!  Please look at the menu bar to your left for more information on that..

 – and if you were looking to book me to sing for your event, please email me – I’d love to hear from you.


I teach singing – one to one, and in workshop settings.  You can read more about that in the ‘Projects’ menu also, or feel free to message me with your questions – I’m always open to taking new students on.

I run a choir in Leeds called ‘High Spirits’ for experienced and non-experienced singers alike.  If you enjoy having an excuse for a mid-week cocktail and would like to sing with a friendly group of Leeds-dwellers, it might be for you!  Click on the jolly folk below!

I’m an enthusiastic Lindy-Hopper and am singing at a number of Swing Dance events this year.  If you’ve found me through that, please click on me swinging out (taken by the lovely Daryl Lea) to remain in Lindy-Teritory!

If you are feeling frivilous, or just wanting to make me smile, you could buy my debut album.. You can learn more about it by clicking it’s photo..

I also blog about things I do in Leeds and in life – notably being a ‘Home Tourist’, saying ‘Thank You’ every day, and – 2012’s challenge – reconnecting with my friends and Royal Mail!   The ‘Blog’ link in the menu to your left will show you more!

Whatever you are visiting for, I’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch!  🙂

Tessa x