It seemed only right to have a little space on my website dedicated to Lindy Hop things.

Particularly as I’m to be performing at a few dance events in 2012 (excited!):

Future Sounds of Swing, April 14th 2012.

* Hullzapoppin’, May 5th 2012

* Sheffield, June 9th 2012.

* Bakewell Day of Dance, June 30th 2012.

* Leeds Swing Exchange, August 11th 2012.

* Move It Mister, Groove It Sister, Hull. August 18th 2012.

I started dancing in 2011 (well, I went to 2 classes in Dec 2010, but let’s not split hairs..!) and fell for it completely.  Not least because the music is that which I love.   I’ve met some wonderful people through dancing, and feel extremely grateful for that.

My dancing goal of 2011 was to perform in Lindy At The Light as I never thought I’d ever pluck up the courage to dance in public – particularly after only 12 months learning.   However, I managed to surprise myself and due to some beautiful support from a particular gent I was swinging out (albeit nervously) in parks and bars and on streets in Leeds (and Edinburgh) before Summer was over.  I even performed with a little Lindy Fridays crew on a stage in the centre of Leeds in August!

So, definitely bitten by the bug, and despite a couple of set backs, I am raring to learn more, try and visit some camps (work permitting) and improve over this next year.

My focus for 2012 will be a musical one.

Since January 2011 the dancers have been coming along to my gigs and I have enjoyed every second.  It’s made me realise that if I’m singing a swinging standard and no one is there to get up and do their thing then an aspect of that style of Jazz’s purpose is missing.

As a “dancer” one of the most thrilling things I have found is that feeling when you hit something in the music perfectly.  As a musician who plays for dancers, watching those moments happen is just as exhilarating.  It’s my aim to make the arrangements I play full of those things so everyone dancing (and hopefully there will be many) will have their fun magnified.

Not a small task, I grant you, but one I’m raring to take on. 🙂

Keep on swinging, dancers and musos alike!



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